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Jeffrey Cullen MD


As a primary care and pain management doctor for over twenty years, Jeff Cullen has focused on providing medical care for our underserved and veterans in our community. Dr. Cullen is a former medical director in the San Diego VA System and lives in San Diego with his family. He has earned undergraduate and graduate degrees from Cornell University, The University of Chicago and Rush Medical College.

Dr. Cullen has been involved in numerous social issues as well as national and state politics since the 1980’s. “As a practicing physician, I have grown increasingly  concerned about the status of our country’s health care. While we spend more per capita on health care than any other nation, we lag behind many other countries in our health outcomes. I earned a Master’s Degree in Health Care Policy at The University of Chicago so as to better understand what our health care system does well and how it can be improved.  The direction that health care reform will take is still to be determined. My foremost consideration has always been maximizing the health and well-being of my patients. As a congressman, I would endeavor to provide the best health care possible for all of our citizens.”


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